Choosing the right spinning reel for your fishing activities

When the weather is fine, it is also a good time to go outdoors and enjoy your outdoor activities. If you like spending your free time along the river, lakes, bays, oceans and islets, then you would surely like fishing. Learning to catch fish is easy as long as you have the proper fishing tools to use.

Fishing is done out of a hobby, for commercial purposes or scientific studies. People have their own reason anyway. But, for those who just want to spend time and relax, fishing is an excellent choice of activity.

Sometimes, you may even go out and catch fish with your family or friends. It is also a good chance for you to teach your kids how to fish. And then, if you are having a picnic or camping, then the fish could be prepared for your meals.

Now, when talking about your success in fishing. This issue will depend on the durability of your fishing tools. One of the things that may affect your fishing success is the spinning reel, which is connected to your fishing rod. This helps you have a more accurate and precise fishing.

Types of Spinning Reels

  • Fly reel

This reel is used in storing line, providing a smooth drag system and counterbalancing the rod when you are casting. You use this by simply rotating the reel on the side of the handle, retrieving the line at a ratio of 1:1.  This is ideal in fly fishing.

  • Centrepin or center pin reel

Using this reel permits you to cast a distance. Thus, drowning the line off from the reel in motion. This is ideal in coarse fishing.

  • Baitcasting or revolving-spool reel

It allows the line on a bearing-supported rotating spool makes a ratio of 2:1 – 4:1. It is mounted on top of the rod. It is ideal in surf fishing.

  • Conventional or trolling reel

It could be a star drag reel, which needs some lever to come up with a free spool. It could also be a Lever drag reel, which makes use of the drag to come up with a free spool. This is ideal in fish trolling, deep-sea or deep drop fishing and butterfly jigging.

  • Spinning or fixed-spool reel

It is mounted under the rod to conform gravity without requiring wrist strength in maintaining the position of the reel. Repositioning the bail after casting helps in minimizing the line twisting.

  • Spincast reel

It is mounted on top of the rod with a nose cone for protecting the fixed spool. It is designed to reduce line twists and snare issues from other types of reels.

  • Underspin or Triggerspin reel

It is mounted under the spinning rod with the ease of holding the rod for a long time.

Spinning Reel Reviews

Choosing the type of reel to use is easy because you will need to consider your fishing needs. But, when it comes to spinning reels, there are so many products available on the market. So, it is not that easy to get spinning reel with the best quality. We have here some products reviews for your options when you are planning to get spinning reel for your fishing.

On top is the lightweight Shimano Stradic Carbon Infusion or CI 4+ spinning reel. It comes without metal material, so it is rust-free. It also makes use of carbon fiber, making it lightweight. It comes with lightweight frame, rotor and side plate. It also comes with the propulsion line management system, propulsion spool lip, aluminum spool and handle, round EVA handle grip. It is ideal for saltwater fishing.

Next, we have the Penn Spinfisher V Spinning Reel. It is ideal for saltwater and freshwater fishing. It comes with a Slammer Drag System, full metal housing, anodized machine aluminum spool, 5 ball bearing made of stainless steel and anti-reverse system.

Lastly, we have the Pflueger President Spinning Reel. It comes with graphite body, stainless steel shaft, 9 ball bearings made of stainless steel, anti-reverse bearing, double-anodized machine aluminum spool, solid aluminum bail wire, soft-touch knob, adjustable knob. It is ideal in freshwater fishing.

Those are the brief reviews of various products with high quality and standard, when it comes to spinning reels.


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