Comparison of the Best Intex Above Ground Swimming Pools

Congratulations on choosing to purchase an above ground swimming pools and I assumed that since you searched for this article you are looking for the one that suits your needs. Let me point out first that when choosing you need to first know how big you need that will fit the location where you want to put it and how many people will use it. So I have here some of the best above ground swimming pool for you to choose from. Hopefully this will give you a more clearer idea on what you will be purchasing soon.


First on my list is the popular Intex Easy Pool set. You can easily guess why it is popular. It is very easy to set up and is durable. It is made from premium laminated PVC material and the one that supports it on top and holds its shape is the inflatable ring. This is very easy to assemble. You just need a level ground and make sure that there are not sharp things on it, place the lining and then the pool, add water and in less than 30 minutes, you are ready to swim. The box includes a pool ladder and a 1000 gallon pump filter.

Next on my list is the Intex Ultra Frame pool set with Filter pump and Saltwater system.

This pool set is a better version of the regular metal frame above pool but this is much better cause it has reinforced metal frames that supports all round the pvc side walls making it withstand better weight and force which is a problem with the regular frame pool that is prone from bending. This kind of above ground swimming pool can only be purchased in one size but you can buy it without the saltwater system if you like. It comes with a debris cover, filter pump, ground cloth and a pool ladder.

3rd Above Ground Swimming pool I will recommend is the Intex Rectangular Ultra Frame Pool Set. This pool is perfect for those who wants to do lap swimming. It contains a maintenance kit and other accessories such as for volleyball playing which is a feature of the deluxe pool set. Aside from those it contains a pump filter pool debris cover, maintenance DVD, ground cloth, and a pool ladder. This pool may last years because of the premium materials used to support. It is compatible as well with the saltwater system if you chose to use it.

I have always favored hot water swimming so my next choice is the IPool Deluxe Above Ground Exercise Swimming Pool. This model has a heater upgrade with filter pump which is very ideal for people who wants to relax in the warm water . It is a compact size which can fit about 2 people ideal for exercising and for people who wants to wants to reduce stress to their joints. This pool with the heater makes it ideal to use at any weather. This is also great for injured athletes to recover faster and anyone who wants to practice swimming without the fear of drowning because it also includes a strong Velcro harness.

Now last but not the least my top recommended above ground swimming pool is the Embassy Pool 4-1800 PARA 100. This is the type of pool that is a very durable choice if you want a semi permanent above ground pool. The pool is about 18 feet x 52 inches ideal for a big family and for party. One of the great thing about this is you can add deck or landscape around it to make it more elegant. It also has a very strong vinyl liner and super strong frame support as well as corrugated wall interiors for elegant look. All you need to have with this pool is to have a good level ground so that you will not have any problem with comfort and structure. During winter instead of disassembling it or tearing it down, usually customers just dewinterized it. This pool will last for many years.

Those are my top choices for above ground swimming pools by Intex and I hope this will help you make the right choice before purchasing. There are many other kinds and models out there all you need to do is do more research and pick the one that will fit your budget and location as well as think what is the purpose of that pool to you.

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