In search for a good LED flashlight to buy

Flashlight brands to choose from

There are so many brands of flashlights available on the market today. Most of these brands are popular because of its features, design, durability, quality, cost comfortability and reliability. Now, these features make it difficult for a buyer to choose and buy one. To make the choosing process easier, you must be aware about the various brands to trust when it comes to a good LED flashlight. Whether you are looking for a flashlight to use indoors or outdoors, you still have to make a good choice.

One of the brands to trust with flashlights are the Surefire, which started in 1969, who are one of the top and best brands in producing and manufacturing tactical flashlights. They are one of the best producers of flashlights used by military, law enforcement personnel and so with the emergency personnel.

In search for a good LED flashlight to buy

Next brand to choose from is the Fenix Company that was established in 2004 in Canada. They are well-known and popular for producing a high quality and a good LED flashlight. They have various models of flashlights for various purposes. They produce tactical flashlights with good quality, having an excellent grip, efficient and substantial light. Fenix also produces flashlights for various uses, such as camping, headlamps and light for bikes. Another good LED flashlight brand is the NiteCore, who started producing LED flashlights in 2007. They have more than 700 models to choose from on the market, having advanced features that were designed with the advances in LED.

Lastly, we have the Stream Light, which was founded in 1973 in Pennsylvania. They are popular for producing a variety of lights, such as tactical lights and lights used for outdoor activities. They have more than 900 models to choose from worldwide with the best warranties.

Good LED flashlights review

If you are searching for a good LED flashlight to buy, you must check out the best brands that can give you the best quality. It is very important to know various brands with the good features to satisfy your needs and feel comfortable with your chosen LED flashlight.

One of the best and the good LED flashlight for you to choose from is the G2X Pro Dual output LED flashlight from the Surefire. It has 2 brightness settings. One is set to a minimum of 320 lumens of brightness and the other one is a low setting that gives you 15 lumens to save your battery and runs up to 45 hours. It uses 2 CR123A lithium ion batteries. It has a switch on the tail. It’s LED emitter doesn’t have filaments. It makes use of a reflector with micro-texturing and widens the beam. It has a window made up of a polycarbonate for protection against abrasions and so with scratches. It makes use of anodized aluminum on the bezel and nitrolon on the body. It is also waterproof. It weighs 4.5oz. and measures 5.2” long and 1.5” wide.

In search for a good LED flashlight to buy

Next is the UC40 Ultimate Edition CREE XM-L2 U2 LED flashlight from the Fenix. It has 960 lumens beam brightness that can focus at a max distance of up to 223 yards and lasts for 1 and a half hours. It uses a 3400 mAh. Rechargeable battery or a 2 CR123A batteries. It has a side switch with 4 different settings, has a strobe function, has 10 lumens setting that can be used up to 150 hours, 110 lumens for 16 hours, 400 lumens for 4 hours.

Another option is the P12 2015 LED flashlight from the NiteCore that provides a beam up to 253 yards. It uses 18650 batteries or 2 CR123A batteries. It can run for an hour with 1000 lumens, 6 hours with 240 lumens, 28 hours with 70 lumens and 520 hours with 1 lumen. It has a switch on the tail cap, has a pocket clip, a holster, a lanyard and a tactical grip.

Lastly, we have the 88850 Polytac flashlight from the Streamlight that uses C4 Photonic Crystal Technology. It has 130 lumens, uses two 3-volt CR123A batteries, has a tail cap switch, has a reflector, has a body composed of nylon polymer, it is waterproof and it has a warranty.

Those are the options that you may consider to choose from when it comes to the good LED flashlight.

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