The interesting floating market in Asia

Who doesn’t like shopping? Who doesn’t like a different way of buying things? Sometimes people want to try a new way of shopping. They just want to do such for the sake of having an experience and to know how it feels like to buy and do the shopping on the water. This is a different kind of adventure that one should not miss because it is such an exciting way of shopping on the water while you are floating. Make sure you have no doubts and fears riding on a boat because this is the only way for you to enjoy shopping at a floating market.

There are some countries in Asia where you can find floating markets. You all need to ride a boat and pass along the water where many people are selling different souvenir items and food along the shore or on the boats. They all bring their different products and you will have all the options to choose from. Be not worried about getting wet because that seldom happens, the water on the floating market is usually calm for both local and foreigners to enjoy shopping.

Some of the floating markets in Asia can be found in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and India.

The Damnoen Saduk Floating market

In Ratchaburi, Thailand. The Damnoen Saduk Floating market is located in the southwest of Bangkok City about 60 miles away. It is always hot in the province so it is best for everybody to come and start shopping early in the morning when the sun is not so stunningly hot.

The Taling Chan Floating Market

In Bangkok, Thailand. The Taling Chan floating Market has something different because they have fishes in the water and you can buy those fresh fish at a cheap price. You can buy everything on the Taling Chan Floating Market, from fruits, vegetables, grilled foods, flowers and desserts in different delicacies.

The Cai Rang Floating Market

mekong delta tours 2 days 1 nightIn Can Tho City, Vietnam and it is about 3 miles from the Can Tho City. Among the floating markets in the Mekong Delta, the Cai Rang Floating Market is considered as the largest where hundreds of boats are sailed for commercial purposes. They sell food crops, fruits and vegetables and they usually start selling as early as five o’clock in the morning. And you will surely not miss the beauty of the sunrise if it happens that you come to the floating market early. People often travel in groups to Mekong delta tour 2 days 1 night start from Ho Chi Minh city. Continue reading “The interesting floating market in Asia”

Choosing the right spinning reel for your fishing activities

When the weather is fine, it is also a good time to go outdoors and enjoy your outdoor activities. If you like spending your free time along the river, lakes, bays, oceans and islets, then you would surely like fishing. Learning to catch fish is easy as long as you have the proper fishing tools to use.

Fishing is done out of a hobby, for commercial purposes or scientific studies. People have their own reason anyway. But, for those who just want to spend time and relax, fishing is an excellent choice of activity.

Sometimes, you may even go out and catch fish with your family or friends. It is also a good chance for you to teach your kids how to fish. And then, if you are having a picnic or camping, then the fish could be prepared for your meals. Continue reading “Choosing the right spinning reel for your fishing activities”

Comparison of the Best Intex Above Ground Swimming Pools

Congratulations on choosing to purchase an above ground swimming pools and I assumed that since you searched for this article you are looking for the one that suits your needs. Let me point out first that when choosing you need to first know how big you need that will fit the location where you want to put it and how many people will use it. So I have here some of the best above ground swimming pool for you to choose from. Hopefully this will give you a more clearer idea on what you will be purchasing soon.


First on my list is the popular Intex Easy Pool set. You can easily guess why it is popular. It is very easy to set up and is durable. It is made from premium laminated PVC material and the one that supports it on top and holds its shape is the inflatable ring. This is very easy to assemble. You just need a level ground and make sure that there are not sharp things on it, place the lining and then the pool, add water and in less than 30 minutes, you are ready to swim. The box includes a pool ladder and a 1000 gallon pump filter. Continue reading “Comparison of the Best Intex Above Ground Swimming Pools”


Golf GPS and laser rangefinder are equipment which are often used in a golf game. Many golf players often buy a laser rangefinder to acquire detailed precision. They are popular for providing precise distance to the flags. They are also applied with latest laser technology so that they could be able to identify the flags from plants or other tree, thus enabling golf players to measure the precise distances you want. In addition to this, a GPS tool is most suitable for highly disabled people. They display distances in yard and also store other information. The followings are the detailed comparison based on the best golf laser rangefinder and GPS device.

We compare the two type of golf rangefinder based on the following characteristics: ease of use, precision, price and compatibility

1. Ease of use

A GPS golf rangefinder is quite easier for players to use in comparison to a laser one, particularly when we want locate the distance. You only need to select the setting display where you could find the needed courses for a golf game. The devices would just progress after each hole as you go on playing. In addition to this, a laser rangefinder would require some practical skills when you would like to capture the target. This makes it a little bit challenging to use particularly for a golf beginner. Continue reading “GOLF LASER VERSUS GPS RANGEFINDER”

How To Choose The Best Hiking Boots For Wide Feet

Selecting hiking boots is up to your preference. If you own wide feet, the number of options becomes narrower. You have to choose the footwear which is broader than the normal ones. In addition, this item needs to make you feel comfortable, to be protected, and traction.

There are a lot of kinds of hiking boots for you to choose. You need to be tricky in order to choose an ideal pair. But do not worry, through this article, we will give you some information which will help you to avoid some mistakes.

The Best Hiking Boots for Wide Feet 2017
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1. Fitting and size

The feature of fitting along with the size is one thing you should consider carefully when buying the hiking boots. You need to choose the products which give you the comfort, usability as well as the stability. If the size of the product is perfect, you do not have to worry about anything while hiking. The amount of brands of hiking boots which fit your feet is not large.

If your feet are wide, you will find it hard to find a brand which offers a fitting size. There are a few brands, for example, Merell or Columbia which you should consider. Hiking boots are better choices for you than the hiking shoes because the size of shoes is not good for the wide feet.

The shoes include lacing systems which will limit your feet while the hiking boots will extend a bit upward to the legs. Therefore, the hiking boots are better to keep the feet.

In order to be fit the wide feet, you wear the thinner or thicker socks while wearing the hiking boots. Continue reading “How To Choose The Best Hiking Boots For Wide Feet”

Best Car Camping Cot

My wife and I are both very outgoing person and we love going nature hunting. Like today, its been 4 days of non stop rain here in Mt. Makiling in the Philippines and both me and my wife have been hiding inside our tent to stay warm and dry. It is the rainy season here and thinking of this lousy weather makes me thankful that we have great camping gears to get us through.

Every camper I met has one or 2 complaints about sleeping through the night. It may be because of temperature or because they sleep uncomfortably through the night.

Best Car Camping Cot
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I am lucky that I got the best car camping cot which is elevated away from the ground. This way, I have comfortable sleep, away from the cold ground, away from insects or ground bugs, away from critters and I am well protected from rain and heat.

There are many camping cots out there in the market. Trust me, I have tried many and bought a bunch but I only have a few that I can recommend. But before that, I need to teach you what you need to consider before purchasing a camping cot.

Some questions you need to think of before purchasing a camping cot

Continue reading “Best Car Camping Cot”

Guidelines in buying the CB Radio available

Guides to the best CB Radio

A CB Radio is a necessity for various workers who are always traveling. This is why today, there are different manufacturers and CB radio products available on the market. Due to the increasing demand of CB radios, they are all around the market. That made a user or a buyer have difficulties in buying the best CB radio to use for their companies and for their workers.

To help you in buying the best CB radio on the market, we have here some guidelines that you may use as a basis in finding a CB radio for your company or for your employees to use. These brief guidelines must be considered good, so that you can find a CB radio with the best feature.

harvard-410t-vintage-cb-radio-on-mountainWhen you are checking out the model of the CB radio, it is important for you to test it and check the signal if it has a good quality. This is very important in sending and receiving messages over a CB radio. Its power must be limited to 4 watts.

When you are listening to the person on the other line, make sure that you can hear less noise coming from the background. You know that a CB radio is often used on the road, so make sure that background noise was eliminated or less distracting. This will be very helpful in sending and receiving an accurate message in both lines. Continue reading “Guidelines in buying the CB Radio available”

In search for a good LED flashlight to buy

Flashlight brands to choose from

There are so many brands of flashlights available on the market today. Most of these brands are popular because of its features, design, durability, quality, cost comfortability and reliability. Now, these features make it difficult for a buyer to choose and buy one. To make the choosing process easier, you must be aware about the various brands to trust when it comes to a good LED flashlight. Whether you are looking for a flashlight to use indoors or outdoors, you still have to make a good choice.

One of the brands to trust with flashlights are the Surefire, which started in 1969, who are one of the top and best brands in producing and manufacturing tactical flashlights. They are one of the best producers of flashlights used by military, law enforcement personnel and so with the emergency personnel.

In search for a good LED flashlight to buy
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Next brand to choose from is the Fenix Company that was established in 2004 in Canada. They are well-known and popular for producing a high quality and a good LED flashlight. They have various models of flashlights for various purposes. They produce tactical flashlights with good quality, having an excellent grip, efficient and substantial light. Fenix also produces flashlights for various uses, such as camping, headlamps and light for bikes. Another good LED flashlight brand is the NiteCore, who started producing LED flashlights in 2007. They have more than 700 models to choose from on the market, having advanced features that were designed with the advances in LED.

Lastly, we have the Stream Light, which was founded in 1973 in Pennsylvania. They are popular for producing a variety of lights, such as tactical lights and lights used for outdoor activities. They have more than 900 models to choose from worldwide with the best warranties.

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